When you are choosing a size, you can pop into any jewellers for a sizing, or purchase a ring sizer via the shop.
Please be aware that when you are deciding your size, you will be given an option of thin or thick band sizing rings, go with the thick one as all PrettyUgly ring bands are all thick, or if you size with a small, add a half size to it.

The thicknesses of the ring bands vary from 0.6cm – 1cm.

Another option is to take a ring that fits the finger you want (with a thick-ish band) and lay it FLAT on a ruler, and email me the picture! (see the picture for an example)

All rings can initially be adjusted a little to fit at no extra charge, prior to purchase. When sizes are made smaller, there will be a faint solder mark where the band has been adjusted. Please contact us if you require a size that is not listed, as significant adjustments may require remodelling, and incur an extra charge at approximately £42.